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Gwen Grayson, a senior student at Sky High.

Gwen is the main antagonist of Disney's Sky High film. She was the arch enemy of the Commander (as Royal Pain) and was turned into a baby by her own weapon, the Pacifier. She was found & adopted by her minion, Stitches/ Mr. Grayson and gave her the name Gwendolyn Grayson.


As Gwe

Gwen in her Royal Pain outfit.

n, she is a pretty and sweet girl who mostly wears pink, but this is a trick to mask her true face.

As Royal Pain, she wears a golden coloured armor with a mask and a cape.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Gwen is a technopath. She can control technology with her mind. She also seems to have a nasty temper because her minion Stitches always seems to do something to annoy her. When she chokes him, he always said "Uncle! Uncle!". She also seems to have manipulated the bullies, Speed and Lash, along with the cheerleader Penny Lent.


Gwen Grayson was actually Sue Tenny, a girl who was on Sky High the same time as The Commander and Jetstream. They thought that Sue disappeared just before graduation, but actually she was hit by the pacifier and turned into a baby. Then she was found by Mr. Grayson who adopted her and gave her the name Gwendolyn Grayson.


Gwen making a freeze ray w/ her mind

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