Lill is the romantic pairing of William Theodore "Will" Stronghold and Layla Williams. They were best friends at the beginning in Sky High, but it was revealed that Layla had feelings for Will, therefore she wasn't happy that Will was dating Gwendolyn "Gwen" Grayson, but they broke up, which leaves space for Layla. At the end of Sky High, Layla and Will finally became a couple and are seen kissing outside of the school dance.

General Information

  • Shipped Characters: Layla and Will
  • Status: Dating (currently)
  • Rivals: Gwen-Will Relationship
  • Begins in: at the ending of Sky High


  • They were best friends at first, but they are currently a couple.
  • In real life, the couple name "Lill" is a girl's name.
  • It's shown that Layla has been in love with Will since they first met.
  • It was true that Layla has strong feelings for Will at the beginning.
  • Will dated Gwen, who was also his crush which Layla isn't impressed by.
  • Will and Layla haved shared their first kiss.
  • At the end, Will and Layla are seen passionately kissing outside.