Magenta, sometimes referred to as Maj, is one of the main characters in Sky High. She is one of Will's friends, and she is a sidekick. She is portrayed by Kelly Vitz.


Magenta's power in the movie is to transform into a guinea pig, resulting her being put in the sidekick class when she shape shifts into a guinea pig she can travel into small places that other people can't also as a guinea pig she is able to chew long wires or small wires when she transformed into a guinea pig her voice is high pitch


Magenta has black hair with purple streaks. She usually has it put up. She always wears purple. Magenta has a semi-punkish style to her. When transformed into her guinea pig form, she has purple streaks in her fur.


Magenta can be very sarcastic at times, and sometimes pessimistic as well. An example of this is when she referred to sidekick class as the "loser track." In addition, when Will said it would take all of them to beat Royal Pain, she said, "All of who? You and Warren? The rest of us are only sidekicks."