Mr Grayson and Stitches

Mr. Grayson (a.k.a. Stitches) is a secondary antagonist of Disney's 2005 movie, Sky High. He was played by Jim Rash.


Mr. Grayson's given name is never revealed in Sky High. Years ago, he became the villain named Stitches, and the sidekick of the super-villain, Royal Pain, whose real name was Sue Tenny. At some point during the 1960s, Royal Pain was defeated by the Commander and Jetstream, when her weapon, the Pacifier, was damaged and backfired on her.

Stitches found the baby Sue Tenny, and stole her away. Taking on the role of Mr. Grayson, a normal man, he renamed the baby Gwendolyn "Gwen" Grayson, and raised her as his own daughter. With time, Gwen resumed acting as Royal Pain, and Mr. Grayson resumed acting as Stitches.

When Royal launched her plan to take over Sky High School and turn the people in it into babies, Stitches was right there to assist her. During the attack, Stitches was attacked by Ron Wilson, and knocked unconscious. Subsequently, Stitches was taken to prison.


Under normal circumstances, Mr. Grayson dresses conservatively, wearing a grey sweater and tie, and wearing half-frame reading glasses. He is thin, and has short, light-colored hair. His overall appearance suggests an accountant.

When in the guise of Stitches, he wears a brightly-colored outfit that suggests a jester.


Under normal circumstances, acts very quiet and serious. Conversely, when in the guise of Stitches, he acts rather flip and frivolous. He capers about, giggles and talks in a flighty manner.

Relationships Edit

Gwen Grayson Edit

Stitches has a very subservient relationship with Gwen Grayson. He does what she says, and suffers any abuse she heaps on him. There is one scene in the movie (and one in a deleted scene) where Gwen grabs him by the throat and throttles him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

During the course of Sky High, Stitches never demonstrates any noticeable powers or abilities, but merely acts as Royal Pain's gopher. His super-suit does appear to have some substance, suggesting that it is padded, if not armored.


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