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Unknown parents


Gwen Grayson, Lash, Speed


Will Stronghold, Layla Williams


Duplication, multiplication, self-replication

Voiced by

Malika and Khadijah Haqq


"Isn't that sweet? I HATE sweet!"

Penny Lent is one of the antagonists in Disney Movie: Sky High. She is usually seen with the crowd of the most popular heroes. Royal Pain manipulated her, Speed, and Lash, into helping destroy Sky High.


Layla WilliamsEdit

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Layla Williams

Layla is the sidekick Penny hated the most. During the movie, they fought. Penny underestimated Layla's power, and was trapped in a cluster of vines. This is where Penny revealed Royal Pain's plans, allowing the team of sidekicks to find the generator that was about to destroy Sky High.

Gwen GraysonEdit


Gwen Grayson

Penny would follow Gwen everywhere, even sit with her at lunch. Gwen seems to control Penny in a way, as she manipulated her into helping destroy Sky High.


Penny Lent takes on the look of a normal high school cheerleader. She usually wears an orange cheer leading uniform. She styles her hair in either a pig tails/straight down combo

Powers and PersonalityEdit


Penny fighting with her clones.

Penny has the ability to make clones/duplicates/copies of herself. They usually help her in her cheering, or in fighting. Penny makes up the entire cheerleading squad for Sky High. She seems to have a cruel and conceited personality, as shown when talking to and fighting with Layla Williams.

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