Principal Powers

Principal Powers is the principal of Sky High. She is portrayed by Lynda Carter is known for her role of Wonder Woman in a 1970s television series of the same name. Powers is usually seen putting students such as Will Stronghold, Warren Peace, Gwen Grayson, Penny Lent, Speed, and Lash in detention. 


Principal Powers was first seen wearing white formal wear. She is usually seen in formal clothing (probably because of her job as a principal). She keeps her hair straight and at shoulder length. This character does not wear glasses as that of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman's secret identity). Just a quick note her husband, Dr. Jonathan L. Powers, is a Principal as well at Sninzes University High School just three miles down from Sky High.


Principal Powers seems to be quite calm and collected, not getting too angry when Will Stronghold and Warren Peace nearly destroyed the cafeteria.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has the ability to transform herself into a comet. By spinning around at incredible speeds, she can turn into a comet and fly to wherever she desires. 

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