Sky High School. 2
There she is, Sky High. Kept aloft by the latest is anti-gravitational propulsion, she is in constant motion as a precaution against those who otherwise might have nefarious plans. Her location is supplied only to a handful of highly qualified individuals such as myself, Ron Wilson, bus driver.

Ron Wilson to the incoming freshman

Sky High School is the fictional private high school. It is featured in the 2005 Disney movie, Sky High.

Sky High is where students with super powers are taught how to use them. The classes offered are, Hero training, Hero Support, P.E. classes and many more. It is kept aloft by the latest in anti-gravitational propulsion. It is in constant motion as a precaution against those who might have nefarious plans for the school. Students are taken to the school by special flying buses. The school's location is supplied to only a few highly qualified individuals, such as Ron Wilson and the other bus drivers. The school divides up it students into two Classes – hero and hero support also called sidekicks. Powers are not allowed to be used outside of the school gym.


Detention Room

Detention Room
The Detention Room is sleek and white, and uses a technology that neutralizes superpowers. Unlike most of the rooms in the school, it has an automatic door. Warren Peace and Will Stronghold were both taken here by Principal Powers after a fiery confrontation in the cafeteria.


Save the Citizen court

Gym set up for Save the Citizen.

The School Gym is a large open room that is used for school activities, including Power Placement and Save the Citizen, and presumably others as well. It surrounded bleachers with clear plastic barriers to protect classmates from getting hit during these fights.


Nurse's Office

Mad Science Lab

Faculty and Staff





  • The Commander
  • Jetstream
  • Power-Principal
  • Sonic Boom
  • Bus Driver
  • Xray Nurse
  • Stitches
  • Mr. Boy