Sky High Soundtrack


The Sky High Soundtrack was originally released on July 29, 2005, by Hollywood Records, Inc., hitting the shelves the same day as the movie hit the theaters. It features remakes of thirteen 1980s hits by 2000s teen pop and alt-rock acts.

Track Listing

1) I Melt With You
Composed by: Michael Conroy / Robbie Grey / Gary McDowell / Stephen Walker
Performed by: Bowling for Soup
Running time: 4:03

2) Through Being Cool
Composed by: Gerald V. Casale / Bob Mothersbaugh
Performed by: They Might Be Giants
Running time: 3:17

3) Save It for Later
Composed by: Andy Cox / Everett Morton
Performed by: Flashlight Brown / They Might Be Giants
Running time: 2:49

4) Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Composed by: Chris Hughes / Roland Orzabal / Ian Stanley
Performed by: Christian Burns
Running time: 4:28

5) One Thing Leads to Another
Composed by: Alfie Agius / Cy Curnin / Rupert Greenall / Adam Woods
Performed by: Steven Straight / Steven Strait
Running time: 3:10

6) Lies
Composed by: Thomas Bailey / Alannah Currie
Performed by: The Click Five
Running time: 2:58

7) Voices Carry
Composed by: Michael Hausman / Aimee Mann / Joey Pesce
Performed by: Vitamin C
Running time: 4:16

8) Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
Composed by: Johnny Marr / Morrissey
Performed by: Elefant
Running time: 2:53

9) True
Composed by: Gary Kemp
Performed by: Cary Brothers
Running time: 5:11

10) Just What I Needed
Composed by: Ric Ocasek
Performed by: Caleigh Peters
Running time: 3:38

11) Can't Stop the World
Composed by: Kathy Valentine
Performed by: Ginger Sling
Running time: 3:25

12) And She Was
Composed by: David Byrne
Performed by: Keaton Simons
Running time: 3:49

13) Twist and Crawl
Composed by: Andy Cox / Everett Morton
Performed by: Skindred
Running time: 5:03