Speed is an antagonist in the Disney movie "Sky High". His appearance is inspired by Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier from Haim Saban's "Power Rangers" television saga series. He is a school bully. 


William StrongholdEdit


William Stronghold

Will Stronghold is the side-kick (later hero) that Speed hates the most. Speed, and his partner, Lash, usually challenge Will and Warren Peace in gym class, knowing that both of them work horribly together. Will seems to "stop" Speed from bullying other side-kicks.




Lash and Speed make an incredible duo in gym class, and when bullying others who are lower than them. Together, they were a feared pair in Sky High, along with the other Heroes.


Speed usually wears a hat and a baseball jacket. In Gym Class, he wears armour.

Trivia Edit

*A major controversy among fans is that Speed is chubby, despite the fact that he has super speed, which also means that he should have a fast metabolism, as seen with many other superheores in comics that possess super speed, such as The Flash.


.Super speed:Speed can run as fast as the speed of sound.

Speed has the ability to move at super-sonic speeds. When he was fighting Warren Peace, Speed was able to move fast enough to suck the oxygen with speed itself. Speed seems to be quite cocky, underestimating Will Stronghold, and the other side-kick's powers.

On two occasions he's demonstrated that his reflexes may not be equal to his speed. Both of these were cases where he was forced to run head first into a wall.

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