the Commander

Steve Stronghold (AKA The Commander) is Will's father, and Josie Stronghold's husband. He and Josie, are two of the world's greatest superheroes, the Commander and Jetstream. He only wants what is the best for his son, though sometimes what he wants isn't the best at all. His wife isn't afraid to correct his ways of parenting. Whilst some people think him clueless, he is not. He loves his family very much and seems fond of Layla.

His superpowers are super strength and super invulnerability.


  • (To Josie) "We haven’t been to Hawaii since King Kamehameha set off that volcano."
  • (To Josie) "Think of it, Josie. You, me, on the beach. No exploding volcanoes."
  • (To Will) "I know that every kid thinks his dad’s invincible, and I nearly am, but who knows. Maybe the next time I punch a meteor hurtling towards Earth, I’ll be the one who shatters into a million pieces."
  • (To Josie) "There’s trouble downtown…big trouble."
  • (To Will, in the Secret Sanctum) "So, this is it, it's all down here. Our story, your mom and me, of, well, kickin' butt and takin' names, huh?"
  • (Stitches, to Royal Pain, about the Commander) "You were right. [Giggles.] He took it home. Hey, he's got the ego the size of a giant robot. [Laughs maniacally.]"