Outside the Secret Sanctum

The Secret Sanctum is the special lair of the Commander and Jetstream. It is their equivalent of Batman's Bat Cave. It contains Jetstream's scientific tools, the Commander's trophies, and even a pool table and pinball machine.

Inside the Secret Sanctum


  • (At the Stronghold house)

Steve Stronghold: This... is the place.
Will Stronghold: No way! The secret sanctum?
Steve: You know, I'll never forget my first day at Sky High. Your grandfather finally trusted me enough to give me the key to his secret sanctum. 'Course, in those days, we still used keys.

  • (At the Stronghold house)

Steve Stronghold: 'Course, you must never ever bring anyone into the secret sanctum. That's why it's called the secret... sanctum.
Will Stronghold: Uh, I would never.