Coach Boomer

"All right. Listen up. My name is Coach Boomer. You may know me as 'Sonic Boom.' You may not."

Tommy Boomowski (a.k.a. Sonic Boom, Coach Boomer) is the gym teacher of Sky High.


Coach Boomer usually wears a navy blue hat. He also wears a jacket, shorts, and long socks. Boomer usually has a mad look on his face, probably because of his demanding demeanor.


Coach Boomer seems to be rather demanding and certain, claiming that his judgment is final, and demanding a response from his students.


Coach Boomer went to school with the Commander and Jetstream. It is unknown if he was a hero or side-kick but it is assumed that he wasn't friends with Steve Stronghold, as Steve mentioned a few things that hinted that they weren't close. When he grew up, he didn't fight evil, instead he became the gym teacher of Sky High.

In the year that Will Stronghold came to Sky High he continued as the gym teacher. He was turned into a baby by Royal Pain but was then turned back to an adult by Mr. Medula.


Sonic Boom: Coach Boomer's power allowed him to create sonic blast's with his voice. He could create smaller blasts that would only cause waves, similar to wind, or he could create blasts that were capable of knocking people back, as demonstrated when he used his power to knock Zack off the stage.